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About FlowQi



Tabitha Levien

Designer and Owner of FlowQi

You could say that Tabitha was born into a career in veterinary services. She learned from her mother, a veterinary technician and receptionist for 40 years, how fulfilling it is to take care of animals. At age 16, Tabitha took her first job as a kennel assistant and she never looked back.


Since then Tabitha has trained and worked in major cities across the U.S. She is an accomplished Veterinary Nurse with a passion for working in surgery. She has worked in Hawaii, Washington, DC, and at VCA-WLA, the largest hospital on the U.S. West Coast. 


It was when she was working at her first veterinary specialist hospital in Oregon that Tabitha discovered a new passion: organization. Working in mobile surgery for five years from DC to Sydney allowed her to experience hundreds of general practices and absorb details about what worked and what needed adjustment.


Tabitha and her husband opened the mobile Veterinary Specialists of Sydney after moving to Australia in 2017, which operated using highly organized vans and transport carts. In 2020 the couple added the Advanced Treatment Centre and created a hybrid practice. It was with the creation of the Advanced Treatment Centre for VSOS that Tabitha unlocked her passion for design.


Pet Perfect Spaces 


She quickly discovered that veterinary spaces have very specific needs that aren’t often met by general architectural designs. Starting with organization, Tabitha learned everything from drawer dimensions and bin heights to cabinet sizes and storage options that work specifically with medical equipment. She realized early on that flow is a crucial element for functional hospital design.


Having helped two large specialist hospitals in the U.S. fit out and move into new spaces, Tabitha was ready to take the helm. Her 14 years of experience in specialty hospitals served her well in designing VSOS-ATC. With organizational decisions, workflow, operating theatres, and more, she turned their open space into a functional hospital ready to take patients the moment it opened.


Twin Passions


Combining her love of veterinary care with her flair for creating attractive, highly functional, organized spaces has led Tabitha into new endeavors. Knowing the importance of veterinary-specific design to the creating of veterinary offices and hospitals, she now offers her expertise to those wanting their practices to hit the ground running.


New and renovated veterinary hospitals and practices need to be able to open as soon as possible, and an experienced consultant makes that possible. Tabitha is excited to share her talent and experience with others who care for animals of every kind.


Tabitha at Home


Tabitha grew up in the U.S., surrounded by animals on five acres of land in Oregon. Her time caring for the menagerie got her ready for veterinary care and a lifetime of loving pets. She and her husband have a cat and two dogs for now, but she never knows when a new furry friend might make its way into her home.


Hikes, travel, dancing, baking, and cars occupy Tabitha’s free time, and you just might run into her at a dog show!    

Hospital Design & Organization Consulting

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