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Princes Highway Vet Hospital

Princes Highway Veterinary Hospital (PHVH) was a 1-2 doctor practice built in an old home.  The owner needed to combine his two practices at this loacation while the other one is being turned into a high-rise apartment block with a future space for them to move back into.


For a 1-2 year period PHVH needs to be able to accommodate a 6 doctor practice with up to 3 vets on at a time.  This transformation had to occur quickly and with out a major build extending the current building.  

Following the remodel we provided organization services and assisted the PHVH team with settling into the new space.

Remodel 2022

PHVH Reception


PHVH Hallway to Pharmacy

Hallway to Pharmacy & Lab

PHVH Consult Room 1

Consult Room 1

PHVH Consult Room 2

Consult Room 2

PHVH Pharmacy to Treatment

Pharmacy to Treatment

PHVH Sx 1 and Pack Prep
PHVH Surgery Theatre 1

Surgery 1

PHVH Pack Prep Sterilisation

Laundry to Sterilization

PHVH Surgery Theatre 2

Misc to Surgery 2

Hospital Design & Organization Consulting

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